About us: AGS - Advance Global Study

AGS (Advance Global Study) was established in 2012, aims to bring advanced education systems from developed countries closer to students all over the world. We are committed to supporting and accompanying students on their intellectual journeys.

Our history of developement:


  • AGS was founded with the goal of bringing the Australian education system closer to the Vietnamese market. With headquarters in Sydney and subsequent offices in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Can Tho, and Phan Thiet, the company expanded its reach.
  • Over the years, AGS has assisted thousands of students in realizing their dreams of studying in Australia, United Kingdom, Canada, New Zealand, The United States and Singapore. With dedication and enthusiasm, the company consistently strives to provide the best options for its customers.

2018 – Present

  • Recognizing the need for changes aligned with its unique direction, in August 2018, AGS underwent a transformative shift.

“We aim to continually deliver the best services to our customers. This change is part of the company’s long-term vision and plans for the future. However, our core values will remain unchanged, and AGS will strive every day to enhance its services.”

(Ms. Ann Nguyen – Founder of AGS Education and Migration)

With these pivotal changes, AGS hopes to receive the ongoing support and interest of parents and students who have previously trusted AGS. 

Together, let’s embark on a new and more valuable journey. The path to realizing the dreams of studying abroad will no longer be challenging, as AGS will always be your steadfast companion

ags education and migration servicea

Our dedicated consultants

AGS consultant are experts in providing study abroad and migration consultancy services.

With 10 years of consulting and guidance experience, AGS collaborates closely with 200+ schools, universities, colleges, and private academies worldwide to offer the best options to customers based on their backgrounds, needs, and aspirations.


Our Services:

AGS bring variety of services and support relevant to your study program including:

Provide free information and consultancy on schools and courses.

Support life skills and offer psychological counseling for students before they embark on their study abroad journey.

Consult and assist in completing the visa application process.

Search, provide and assist information on scholarships program for students.

Monitor and support students throughout their study abroad experience.

Assist in obtaining visas for parents visiting their children studying abroad.

Collaborate with foreign schools to organize meetings, workshops, and exhibitions. Providing students, and parents access to study abroad information.

Offer travel insurance services.

Provide consultancy and assistance in completing the visa application process.

Accommodation search services.

Airport pick-up services.

Licensing and job support services.


Additionally, AGS also provides consultancy and support for various other visa services, including skilled migration, marriage, family sponsorship, and business.

Especially during the study period or nearing graduation in Australia, AGS assists in internship placements, providing opportunities for students to intern at prominent companies such as BMW, Woolworth, Citibank, and more. Currently, AGS is implementing a sponsored skilled migration program in baking and cooking in suburban areas of Australia, offering a promising employment opportunity for those aspiring to succeed in the culinary field and settle long-term in Australia.

Studying abroad is the dream of many young individuals. However, before venturing into the unknown, stepping out of the safety of family, students need a firm foundation to ensure success. AGS is that perfect stepping stone.

With years of experience in educational consultancy, AGS understands what young individuals need to equip themselves for their journey into the vast world. Standing from the perspective of education enthusiasts, we wholeheartedly dedicate ourselves to guiding students towards the best possible development path.

Life offers you the sky. You possess your own wings. Let us support your study abroad journey, easing the difficulties and complexities so that you can wholeheartedly “flap your wings and soar.”


AGS aspires to be the most effective and reliable recruitment representative for partners, including universities and colleges in countries with advanced education systems. Simultaneously, we aim to become transparent international education consultants, providing maximum support to Vietnamese students.


AGS aims to create a trustworthy environment where we can wholeheartedly guide customers on their journey of education and overseas settlement. We provide professional and transparent consultancy services to help students achieve their goals.

Core Value




Need help with a student visa? Or not sure which school / courses to pursue for you study?

AGS consultant teams are just a message away!