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Explore the world-class education landscape of New Zealand with AGS as your dedicated consultant. For years, we’ve been assisting and guiding students globally in their pursuit of studying in New Zealand. 

Uncover the essential things to know and seize valuable scholarship opportunities for a fulfilling academic experience.

Bright Aspects of Studying Abroad in the U.S.

New Zealand leads the world in the future education index, making it an excellent destination for international students with a globally recognized education system. All eight universities in New Zealand are featured in the 2019 QS World University Ranking’s top 100 universities globally. International students in New Zealand have the potential to secure employment immediately after graduation.

New Zealand universities offer diverse scholarships ranging from 30-100% for international students, including scholarships from the New Zealand government. Contact AGS Study Abroad Consultancy to stay updated on the latest New Zealand study abroad scholarships.

New Zealand provides unique work advantages for international students, including the opportunity to work 20 hours per week during the semester and without restrictions during breaks. After graduation, students in New Zealand can receive job offers immediately and stay to work for 1-3 years, seizing long-term career prospects in New Zealand.

If you wish to create a suitable study plan for New Zealand, as well as discover the most cost-effective study abroad solutions, let AGS consultants contact you and provide detailed guidance.

Support from AGS Study Abroad Consultancy

AGS Study Abroad Consultancy understands the challenges students and parents face when preparing study abroad documents and have many questions that need answers. If you are planning to study abroad in New Zealand soon, contact AGS consultants who are dedicated to answering all your queries.

At AGS Study Abroad Consultancy, advisors will help you choose the right university, program, and course, participating in meetings with university representatives alongside AGS. Throughout the study abroad consultant process, AGS advisors will also assist you in submitting admission applications, tracking progress, and receiving confirmation letters from the university.

The steps to prepare a visa application for studying abroad in New Zealand, accommodation advice, financial planning, flight booking, and pre-departure skill sessions are also supported by AGS free of charge.

Contact AGS Study Abroad Consultancy to begin your New Zealand study abroad journey today!

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