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Highlights of Studying Abroad in the UK

The policies for studying abroad in the UK are straightforward, with no requirement for financial proof, and visa processing time is quick, ranging from 1 to 3 weeks.

A significant strength of studying in the UK lies in its short study programs, with undergraduate degrees taking 3 years and master’s degrees taking 1 year. This helps you save considerable time and costs to obtain a globally recognized degree.

Especially since 2020, international students studying from undergraduate to master’s level in the UK can stay and work for 2 years after graduation, with no restrictions on the number or field of study. Doctoral students can stay for up to 3 years, bringing along their spouse and children. This is excellent news for those aiming to develop their careers and seek settlement opportunities in the land of the fog.

If you are planning to study abroad in the UK, let AGS consultants help you navigate your field of study and find the most cost-effective study abroad solutions.

Support from AGS Study Abroad Consultancy

AGS Study Abroad Consultancy understands the challenges students and parents face when preparing study abroad documents and have many questions that need answers. If you are planning to study abroad in the UK soon, contact AGS consultants who are dedicated to answering all your queries.


AGS Study Abroad Consultancy’s advisors will help you choose the right university, program, and course, participating in meetings with university representatives alongside AGS. Throughout the study abroad consultant process, AGS advisors will also assist you in submitting admission applications, tracking progress, and receiving confirmation letters from the university.

The steps to prepare a visa application for studying abroad, accommodation advice, financial planning, flight booking, and pre-departure skill sessions are also supported by AGS free of charge.

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