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Australia is renowned as one of the leading countries with a highly developed education system worldwide. Therefore, parents from abroad, including Vietnam, often choose it for their children. However, the Australian government has regulations requiring a guardian for international students aged 6 to 18. Furthermore, parents are often uneasy about their children studying alone and wish to accompany them for care. To alleviate concerns for parents, the Australian government has introduced the 590 Visa for student guardians. The following article will provide information about this visa type, enabling parents to better prepare for their children’s future study abroad journey.

What is the Australian 590 Visa?

The Australian 590 Visa, also known as the Subclass 590 Student Guardian Visa, is a type of visa issued by the Australian Government for the relatives or guardians of international students under 18 years old studying in Australia. 

The temporary residence period granted to guardians under the 590 visa is valid for a specified duration, and if they wish to settle permanently, they need to apply for other types of visas.

Guardians must be parents or relatives meeting specific conditions. This visa is applicable only to the relatives of students under 18 years old. 

However, certain special cases, such as students over 18 with disabilities or those unable to work, are allowed to sponsor their guardians.


Rights and Benefits of Guadians

Possessing the 590 visa entails various advantages granted by the Australian Government, including:

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Conditions for Applying for the 590 Visa in Australia in 2023:

To successfully apply for the 590 visa, guardians must meet the following conditions:

  1. Relationship with the Student:

   – Must be a biological parent or a qualified relative.

   – If the guardian is a foster parent, confirmation is required from the local authorities.

   – Authorized relatives must be over 21, provide a power of attorney, and receive confirmation from the local authorities.

  1. Personal Background:

   – Clean personal background according to Australian Government regulations.

   – Background includes certified personal information.

   – No history of criminal offenses or debts to the Australian Government.

  1. Financial Requirements:

   – Ensure financial capability to cover the student’s tuition and living expenses.

   – Financial means include a minimum of 19,830 AUD/year for visa application (equivalent to 475 million VND).

   – Proof of the guardian’s minimum annual income of 70,000 AUD (equivalent to 1 billion VND).

   – Submission of asset statements or evidence of current employment and income is acceptable. Clear documentation facilitates quicker visa application processing.

  1. Health:

   – Must maintain good health and be free from highly contagious diseases.

   – A recent health examination is required for visa approval.

The Australian Government consistently establishes conditions to ensure the well-being of international students and their guardians during their study period in Australia.

Điều Kiện Xin Visa 590 Úc năm 2023
Conditions for Applying for the 590 Visa in Australia in 2023

Responsibilities of 590 Visa Applicants and Visa Application Documentation:

In addition to mandatory conditions, 590 visa applicants must commit to fulfilling obligations towards the student, including:

1. Care and Support:

   – The accompanying person must reside with and provide care and support throughout the study period.

   – For students under 16, the guardian must ensure safe transportation.

   – During this time, the guardian is not allowed to work in Australia and can only travel domestically.

   – If there is a special reason for the guardian to leave the country, notification to the Department of Home Affairs is mandatory, with evidence confirming safe arrangements for the student.

2. Insurance:

   – The guardian must purchase insurance for both themselves and the student, including health, accident, and property insurance.

   – Health insurance is crucial, ensuring healthcare similar to Australian citizens, with the government covering medical expenses.

3. Legal Compliance:

   – The guardian and student must adhere to Australian laws, especially regarding immigration.

   – Leaving Australia without notification may result in immediate cancellation of the 590 visa.

   – Guardian violations may impact the student’s visa, potentially leading to deportation.

4. 590 Visa Application Documentation:

   – Prepare a complete visa application alongside the student to avoid timing discrepancies affecting enrollment.


  – Documentation includes personal items such as a certified copy of the passport, recent passport photos, national identity card, confirmation of marriage or divorce (if applicable), proof of the relationship, locally certified personal background, and Form 157N for nominating support for the student.


– If the guardian is not a parent, additional documentation such as a power of attorney and proof of being over 21 with a clean background is required.

Nghĩa Vụ của Người Nộp Đơn Visa 590 và Hồ Sơ Xin Visa
Responsibilities of 590 Visa Applicants and Visa Application Documentation

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    Financial Documents and Visa Application Process for 590 Visa Australia:

    1. Financial Documents:

    * Since guardians are not allowed to work in Australia, it is necessary to submit financial documents to ensure they have sufficient funds to cover tuition and living expenses while living in Australia.

    * The documents include the ability to cover the cost of travel and living expenses for 12 months, a minimum asset of 19,830 AUD/year when applying for a visa, and proof of a minimum annual income of 70,000 AUD for the guardian.

    * You can use a property declaration or proof of current employment and income. Clarity in the documents will help the application process go smoothly.

    2. Documents Committing to Temporary Stay in Australia:

    * The 590 Visa Australia has a specific duration, and the guardian must commit to only living temporarily in Australia.

    * These documents include a round-trip plane ticket, proof of property ownership and employment in Vietnam. If you want to settle permanently, the guardian must apply for a visa extension at the Australian Department of Immigration.


    3. Visa Application Process for 590 Visa Australia:


    Step 1: Submit Application and Fees:

    * Prepare the guardian’s application, place it in a large document and write your name on the outside. Submit the application and visa fees at least 6 weeks before the time the international student starts school.


    * The visa application fee for 590 is 710 AUD (about 11 million dong) excluding 1.4% surcharge. International students do not need to pay the visa application fee.


    Step 2: Department of Immigration Receives and Health Check:

    * After submitting the application, you will be required to undergo a health check. A medical certificate that is not more than 6 months old is accepted. The application will only be reviewed if you are in good health and do not have any dangerous diseases.


    * If the guardian is pregnant, the Australian government may refuse to approve the application.


    Step 3: Track and Supplement Application:

    * Track the status of your application via email and wait for the visa application result. The Australian government may request additional documents if the application is not valid.


    * The time to announce the results is 54 days from the time of application, but it may take longer if not enough information is provided. Check frequently to supplement information in a timely manner.


    Additional Notes:

    * The application process for a 590 Visa Australia can be complex and time-consuming. It is important to carefully review the requirements and prepare all necessary documents before submitting your application.


    * If you are unsure about any aspect of the application process, it is always best to seek professional advice.

    Chứng Minh Tài Chính
    Financial Documents and Visa Application Process for 590 Visa Australia:

    Opportunity for family members and relatives to support the child on abroad studying at Australia

    When deciding to send your child to study abroad in Australia, creating a conducive environment for family support not only enhances your child’s learning experience but also increases the peace of mind for parents.

    Partnering with the migration experts at AGS, we are committed to building a solid foundation for the development of students and providing a meaningful study experience in Australia. Contact us whenever you need assistance in preparing your family for a successful and safe study journey.