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Should you go REGIONAL?

Australian government is trying to limit the immigration and the competitive landscape in applying PR through Skills Assessment in occupations such as Accounting, IT, Engineering, ect is vigorous in big cities including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane.

Therefore, going regional is one of the hottest and safest options for international students at the moment.
However, many students are worried about moving to these areas as they are used to the busy and most often crowded cities. How would their lives be in such new environments?

Studying in regional areas provides a variety benefits that are usually missed out by students.

Firstly, you will get to enjoy what nature has to offer (beautiful beaches, breathtaking moutains and dreamy country-like drives). Imagine going for a swim during a break between classes, going camping or going for a hike on mount Wellington on the weekends.

Bridestowe Lavender farm – Tasmania
Darwin City Sight
The City Of Adelaide

Secondly, You will feel like you are a part of the community there rather than just a isolated indivual in a big city. Smaller population size means you will get to know your surrounding, to create friendships and tighten the sense of community.

Thirdly, educational institutions in regional areas offers a wide range of courses depending the strengths of the states. Hence, you have a chance to explore options and choose what suits you best.

University of Adelaide

Last but no means least, going regional will give you an advantage to apply for Permanent Residence with state sponsorships. Studying in areas classified as ‘regional’, students will get an additional 5 points in the point test Skill Assessment. State governments are highly accomodating to international students as these areas are lacking of skilled residents who wish to contribute to the local communities.

If you decide going regional is suitable for you, let AGS help you choosing schools, courses and support your journey in the future:

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