AGS Education: Unlock Cyber Security Excellence at Holmes Institute

AGS Education is delighted to unveil the exciting launch of the Master of Cyber Security program at Holmes Institute, setting a new standard for cutting-edge education. This innovative program is now accessible at the Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane campuses, promising an enriching academic experience. The affordability of this program is highlighted, with tuition fees set at a competitive $9,000 per semester.
Designed to span over two years, the Master of Cyber Security program comprises 12 comprehensive units, each contributing to a transformative learning journey. What sets this program apart is its unique 100% assignment-based assessments, ensuring students engage deeply with the subject matter and gain practical skills relevant to the field.
Mark your calendars for the inaugural intake scheduled to commence on March 25, 2024, signaling the beginning of an immersive educational expedition. To make this opportunity even more enticing, AGS Education is offering an exclusive $500 tuition fee scholarship for the first 50 new students at each campus. This scholarship, tailored for early enrollees, adds a valuable incentive to kickstart your Master of Cyber Security journey.
Seizing this golden opportunity is a simple step away. Contact AGS today to enroll in this cutting-edge program, unlock your potential in the field of cyber security, and embark on a path to professional excellence. AGS Education is your dedicated partner in navigating educational opportunities, ensuring a seamless enrollment process, and paving the way for a successful academic journey. Don’t miss out on this chance to be part of the inaugural cohort and shape your future in the dynamic realm of Cyber Security at Holmes Institute.