Should you apply for Visa 485 right after graduation?

If you are still unsure and look for other options, check out the contents below!???
Should you apply for visa 485 or continue with your study?
How to get Permanent Residence after visa 485?
Take into consideration that you’re required to apply for visa 485 with 6 months after your courses complete (as stated in your completion letters), this decision is likely to affect your long-term plan and future.

So, how would you decide?

☝️Firstly, you need to know what exactly do YOU want:

  • Establish a career, get a job to gain industry experience and return to your country to settle after visa 485 ends?
  • Consider another country?
  • Or REALLY want to get Permanent Residence in Australia?

✌️After knowing what you wish to achieve, let’s get started with the plan!

As you all might have known from news, words of mouth or observation, getting invited to apply for PR is extremely difficult due to the constant changes and vigorous competitions in most of the occupations.

However, according to the Occupation Ceilling Value 2018,19 from the Department of Home Affairs, until the invitation round 11/08/2018:
? Accounting: invitation ceilling is intended to be 3753; though, only 300 were invited.
? Engineering: only 230 invitations was sent out for Civil Engineering Professionals as opposed to the ceiling of 3510. Same goes for other Engineering occupations
? IT: Solfware and Applicatios Programmes invitation ceiling is 7271 but only 581 applicants was invited. Or for Computer Network Professionals, only 173 invitations was sent as opposed to the ceiling of 2167. Same goes for other IT occupations

How do you think about these facts?

? For those who wish to gain working experience in Australia and return to your country, AGS is offering FREE visa 485 service fee. Thus, there are many internship opportunities for senior students and job vacancies for Fresh graduate in Accounting, Hospitality, Marketing, Business Analysis, etc.

? For those who want to get Australian Permanent Residence, are you able to get such high points for Skill Assessment within 1-1.5 years to apply for State Nomination (sc190/489) and get invitation within the remaining 6 months of your visa 485?

According to IMMI points test, you can achieve 75-85 points if the foolowing criterias met:
? Aged 25-32: 30 points
? Completed Bachelor/Master degree: 15 points
? Study in Australia for 2 years: 5 points
? IELTS 8.0/ PTE 79+: 20 points
? CCL pass: 5 points
? PY program: 5 points
? Working 1 year in Australia: 5 points
?TOTAL: 85 points

?If you’re confident that you can achieve the highest points, CONGRATULATIONS‼️ Let’s get started with your application!

?If you con only achieve 70-75 points (or lower), should you apply for visa 485 now or consider the following options before applying for visa 485

Important note: You can only get visa 485 ONCE during your study in Australia
(Many students misunderstand that you can study another degree to apply for visa 485 again)

 If you are under 25 years old, should you apply for a Master degree/ Diploma to get the maximun points for AGE?

 Should you move to different states that are less competitive such as Darwin, Tasmania, Perth, Adelaide, … where the points required for invitation only ranked 65-70 points. Moreover, these states nominate many occupations in SKILLED SHORTLIST (Marketing, Finance, Design, Science, etc)

 Should you consider studying additional degrees that are relevant to your current background and much less competitive in terms of points test?
? Business, IT, Engineering, Science, Design => can study Teaching (secondary)
? Science, Psychology => can study Social work, Pathology, Bio-medical
? and other options including: Property Management, Actuarial Studies, Agricultural, …

AGS Migration Agent Minh Nguyen (MARN 1683134) will provide an in-depth consultation, map out the choices based on YOUR backgrounds and give recommendations regarding visa, courses, occupations, immigration and different states’ regulations.

Give yourselves plenty of time to think about this and let AGS take away the confusion and complexity out of this process for you.

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