5 Reasons to choose AGS – Advance Global Study

Here are why AGS – Advance Global study should be your chosen Education and Migration Consultancy.

We’re experienced professionals.

We excel in providing honest, authentic and legitimate advice to international students. We have a range of migration and education services to meet the needs of our clients from providing initial counselling regarding suitable courses, choosing the best institution, assisting with visa application and pre-departure orientation, providing essential tips for living and studying in the host country. Moreover, we provide additional services to our clients ranging from their educational queries to migration counselling. Through our hard work and continuous effort, we have been able to establish ourselves as one of the most trustworthy agencies for all students.

We get to know our customers.

With the student and parents to help identify the student’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as educational objectives, choices and plans. We give unbiased recommendations and  advice for adding depth to extracurricular involvements, based on each student’s strengths and abilities.

We are committed to quality.

Our team understands that coming to a new country or having immigration issues can be a challenging process. That’s why we believe in giving clients our full attention and providing personalized service base on our clients’ needs and requirements. The client can discuss their case with AGS counsellor and migration agent to get timely response and guidance.

We do more than just deliver a service.

We follow up students while they are studying to further assistance if needed.  Furthermore, we collaborate with International Student Groups in Australia to organise both education and entertainment events for new international students aiming to share studying and living experience and connect them with the communities. As a result, the new students will be more confidence to study and live in a new country.  

We update the changes in education and migration legislation and policies.

We have Migration agent who work directly with DHA, we receive up-to-date education and migration information frequently. Therefore, we always try to keep updating the instant news that affect students’ future study and careers.


AGS Office: Suite 1, 353 Chapel Rd, Bankstown 2200
Phone: 0281025348
Email: info@ags-study.com
Website: ags-study.com
Mobile: 0430334299 (Viber, WhapsApp, Zalo, Tango)