Are you ready to be back to University?

Check out the essential tips to make your university life enjoyable.

1. Make a study plan that WORKS for YOU

It’s essential that you prepare a study plan before uni starts to get yourself in a routine and stay ahead of the study. If you are a full time student, you are encourage to spend 35-40 hours to study but only a portion of that is spent in class. Hence, independent self-study is extremely important to ensure the best study outcome. Do NOT wait until the last days to study for that assignment.

2. Get involved

University groups and societies are fantastic opportunities for you to widen your horizon and make new friends. Whether you like sports, art, politics or volunteering, you can sure find a group or society that sparks your interest, Thus, there are many students associations and unions from various countries that you may want to check out. Chances are you will make incredible friendships that last you a life-time.

3. Stay healthy

It’s important to maintain a balanced diet, especially during the semesters, so try to avoid consuming fast-food just because it’s convenient. As a solution, try to bring your own lunch, it not only helps you avoid buying unhealthy lunch options in cafeterias but also saves you heaps of money.

Thus, as students, it’s ok a stay up late a few days to work on assignments and exams, however, AVOID pulling “all-nighter” as much as possible. Sleep deprivation can cause lower school performance, judgment impaired and increase risks of emotional problem.

4. Prepare to deal with stress

It’s inevitable that you would experience stress during uni life regardless of how well-prepared you were. So, the best way to deal with stress is to give yourself a break and adopt a positive lifestyle, whether it’s exercising, spending time with friends and loved ones or meditation. Remember, universities offer Mental health counselors for students who are coping with stress and other mental health issues.

5. Balance your commitments

As university students, many of you are struggling to maintain academic performance and having a part-time or casual jobs or perhaps a relationship, social commitments. If you feel like work is affecting your study, ask your manager if you can cut back on your shifts or change the roster.

Best of luck with your study!