Homestay in Australia

If you’re an international student aged 18 or over, you might want to consider starting your study journey in Australia in a properly managed Homestay.

With Homestay, you’ll have the opportunity to live with a local family, experience Australian culture and get to know the area you’ll be living in. Your Homestay host will also help you with important things such as local networks, shopping, banking, transport, culture and, if required, assistance with making a good decision on your longer-term accommodation requirements and improving your English skills.

For a warm welcome to Australia, here’s everything you need to know about Homestay.


Homestay is a culture exchange between a local individual or family (called a Host) and a visiting international student.

Through Homestay, you’ll be hosted in an Australian home and included as a member of the family. This gives you a better chance to learn about Australian culture and settle in.

Homestay is a great first step to get your feet on the ground and become properly orientated with your surroundings as you start your studies.

The Homestay experience gives you local knowledge on the best way to navigate around your local community. 

It’s recommended that you live in Homestay for a minimum of four weeks to reap all the benefits.


  • Airport pickup
  • A furnished room 
  • Utilities 
  • Meals as arranged per the Homestay package you choose
  • Welcome and orientation
  • Support from your Homestay provider 
  • A cultural exchange with your host family


  • Homestay is fun!
  • It’s convenient, as everything is set up and ready for you to move in
  • Homestay gives a safe and welcoming environment
  • Meet a local family and learn more about Australia
  • You can improve your English skills with your host family
  • Homestay Hosts can help you access services such as banking, internet, mobile phone and transport, and assist with local knowledge and personal safety tips
  • No long-term contracts, bond or lease required


  • Adult students treat Homestay as a great starting point to meet a local who can help you with networking and future decisions (including future accommodation options)
  • Homestay options can be both close to and some distance from your institution – make sure you check access and public transport options


Depending on the Homestay option that suits you best, the cost will vary. Because of the additional services provided through Homestay, it is considered great value for the first four weeks that a student has in their new country. You may choose different Homestay packages with varying price points depending on the meals you require. As a guide, you can expect to pay between $250 and $350 a week, depending on the type of room, meals and utilities.


Facilities and house rules vary with Homestays, so make sure you read all the details. Check out all the FAQs on the options that you are researching. It is important to choose a reputable Homestay provider who adheres to high standards and will support you throughout your placement.

  • Is the Homestay organisation a recognised quality provider in Australia?
  • Is airport pickup available and at what cost?
  • Does the Homestay provider provide support in case of any issues?
  • What is the Homestay placement cost?   
  • Does the Homestay placement include welcoming and orientation support services to assist you with settling in?
  • What are the house rules – visitors, curfews, etc. 
  • Locality – is it an area you wish to live in and are there other students in the area?

Keen to start your study journey in Australia with Homestay? Australian Homestay Network provides the highest quality homestay experiences in Australia, ensuring that each guests begins their Australian experience on the right foot.