TEACHING – A Promising Career in Australia

According the Occupation Ceiling Value 2018-2019 from the DHA, until the invitation round 11/08/2018, we can see the high potential opportunity to get PR of the Secondary Teacher occupation:

Secondary School Teacher was allocated 8,480 places out of which only 115 places have been occupied, which means approximately on 1.4% of the places were taken this year which significantly portrays the skill shortage faced. This trend would continue until more graduates take up this field to study.


Key Salary info:

According to research almost all States in Australia have high demands for Secondary Teacher. A Secondary Teacher will earn from $65,000 to $90,000 pa and above.


PR after graduating from the related course?
To get positive Skill assessment:

  • Academic: at least 1-year full time Higher Education (Graduate Diploma/ Master) level study of Secondary school teacher initial teacher Education and 45 days of supervised teaching practice with students from aged 13 -18 years.
  • English requirement:
    – Waived English if studying Higher Education which equivalent to Australia higher education qualification for 4 years, this study must include a recognised initial teacher education qualification.
    – IELTS 7.0 both Reading & Writing, 8.0 for both Speaking and Listening which undertakes during 24 months period prior to submitting an application.



  • NOT as competitive as other occupations, you may receive Migration Invitation at 65 POINTS.
  • If you have completed any Bachelor Degree, you still can apply for a Post-study of Teaching program.

  • Are you interested to start a new career?
  • Is it suitable to pursue the occupation with your current background?
  • What majors can be transferred in order to study for the Teaching qualification?
  • What are the conditions to apply for PR through the Teaching occupation?
  • Are there any options for you?

This is the chance to pursue a noble profession. Send us an inquiry to get more detailed information and guidance on selecting the most suitable options depending on your individual’s background.

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